"I want to express my deep appreciation to Marcus Cremonese, who produced all the illustrations for the book. I greatly admire his professional skills and his unflappable good humour that have made him such an agreeable collaborator".

P.I. Korner AO FAA, Emeritus Professor, Sydney University & University of New South Wales in "Essential Hypertension and its Causes", Oxford University Press

"Dear Marcus, I have very much enjoyed our collaborations over many years and the excellent presentations you have put together for me. I was especially impressed by the work you did putting together the various components of the international meeting I hosted in 2004. Your hard work and creative input have made my presentations at international meetings extremely professional and I received many compliments on these over the years. Best regards".

Steve Krilis, Professor and Director, Immunology & Infectious Disease, UNSW, St George Hospital, Sydney

"I enjoy collaborating with Marcus, he listens carefully and makes his drawings a part of our conversation. Marcus uses his skill and experience as an artist to present my ideas simply and with great clarity".

John Cartmill, Professor of Surgery, Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University, Sydney

"Images provide the link in our work between the words and the meaning. Marcus helps us communicate our data, ideas and concepts through his illustrations. His ability to take our rough drafts to professional art work has been a tremendous asset to our laboratories through the years."

W.R. Walsh, Professor & Director, Surgical & Orthopaedic Research Laboratories, University of New South Wales, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Australia

"Over the past two years, Marcus has prepared for, and with, me various presentations on hand and upper limb surgery and rehabilitation for conferences & lectures in Australia and around the world. The standard of his work has been exceptional and applauded for his style & sensitivity".

A/Prof. W. Bruce Conolly AM FRCS FRACS FACS, Consultant Emeritus in Hand Surgery & Director of Overseas Hand Surgery Projects, St. Luke's & Sydney Hospitals

"I have worked with Marcus on a number of projects over the last 2 years and have always found him to be incredibly accommodating, willing to conform to unrealistic deadlines and able to create superb graphics which have been commended by a number of international urological journals".

Deborah Bell, Director, Five Corners Pty Ltd, Medical Device Consultants

Working with Marcus is a real pleasure, as he quickly and accurately transforms my ideas and sketches into meaningful illustrations that get the concepts across clearly.

Sally Dunwoodie Associate Professor, Developmental Biology Division, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, UNSW, Sydney

"I am grateful to Mr Marcus Cremonese (...) who prepared all the excellent drawings and graphs."

Dr. Mark Selikowitz, Consultant Developmental Pediatrician In "Down Syndrome, The Facts", Oxford University Press

"Others to whom we owe a debt include (...) Marcus Cremonese for his excellent illustrations".

Ken Hillman & Gillian Bishop, In "Clinical Intensive Care and Acute Medicine", Cambridge University Press

"It is a real pleasure for me to recommend the work of Marcus Cremonese to future clients seeking an experienced graphic artist who patiently creates work of the highest standard in bio-medical illustration.".